TOEFL with Brent Sanders from 03.09.2018!

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TOEFL with Brent Sanders from 03.09.2018!

септември 3, 2018 @ 13:30 - 17:30

    Нуждаете се от повече информация или консултация? Оставете ни телефон , 2 имена и електронна поща и ние ще се свържем с Вас!

    TOEFL with Brent Sanders from 03.09.2018!
    Dear friends, we invite you to join our new course with the brilliant
    lecturer Brent! He has been successfully preparing students for the TOEFL exam for more than 20 years. If you want to sign up for our course, please hurry up!
    For more information: 02/ 846 72 17,0878590673
    email: edperspectives@abv.bg
    https://educenter.bg/courses/toefl-ibt-test-курсове-по-toefl-ibt-test/Brent Sanders – references„I can say only nice things about the course…
    In Brent’s class I learnt very helpful tips (saving time and understanding the question in the Speaking, as well as skimming and scanning), which helped me take my TOEFL exam, while improving my grammar along the way–and I had a great time! I am very thankful I was in his course, because he is the best teacher I ever had.”
    Patriziyah Rangeloff, completed course
    „First of all, I passed TOEFL with flying colors. Second, Brent laid the foundation of my career as a writer. I learned writing in Brent’s class. I have a top-selling book on iTunes and am working on my next one. „
    Miryan Iliev, completed the course circa„Brent’s TOEFL course not only helped me reach the score I needed, but also improved my English to a whole new level. He taught me how to improve my vocabulary, speaking, writing, and punctuation in general. Since I finished his course, I feel much more confident when I speak in English, which has opened many educational doors for me.”
    Stoil Pramatarov, completed course„I learned many new grammatical and lexical ways to express myself and mastered what I already knew. I became much more comfortable speaking in English. Brent has a very personal approach with his students and incredible teaching skills, always very helpful.”
    Iliyan Ivov Ivanov„Learning from a native speaker is not only a chance to learn the language, but also a chance to learn the culture and the way of thinking. That is what I comprehended about language from Brent.”
    Delyana Marinova, completed course„ Brent taught us different strategies for faster, easier, and better results. I personally learned a lot about scanning texts and writing essays.”
    Alexander Dimitrov, completed course